inexLED Totem, Poster

The whole range of inexLED Totem and Poster products is offered in many different sizes with a possibility of customizing in order to adjust to individual client's needs.

inexLED Totem, Poster

LED screens are not only large-format indoor and outdoor screens, but it is also a possibility to produce dedicated autonomic products. Products from the Totem and Poster series are available in a wide range of sizes, proportions and resolutions. They can be outdoor as well as indoor.

inexLED Totem

InexLED totems are free-standing devices equipped with high-quality screens made of LED modules with resolutions from P2 to P3

for indoor totems and from P4 to P6 for outdoor totems. Each of them may be used as a portable device or be permanently installed at the place of destination.

Indoor models are made of ultra-thin panels which thicnkess doesn’t exceed 5 cm. The clarity of the form makes that the displayed image, which is the most important, is at the forefront.

inexLED Totem - ekran LED indoor

Outdoor totems can replace traditional City Lights, similar format makes that totems can be used as an information or advertising medium. Free-standing outdoor totems are devices which perfectly handle different weather conditions and thanks to the modules with high-brightness, the image is always clearly visible.

inexLED CityLight Poster - ekran LED outdoor

inexLED Totem - standard sizes

Standard totems are based on inexLED P3 modules in 6 basic sizes from 61’’ to 105’’. We also offer fully customised totems in terms of the size and resolution.

inexLED Poster

InexLED posters are developed inexLED totems which are used in every location, where there is no possibility to place traditional totems. No matter if the poster will be installed on the wall or suspended, the image will be perfectly visible and the displayed content will certainly draw customers’ attention.

Outdoor posters can be installed on the exterior walls of buildings and replace traditional paper posters. Thanks to the scalability, each poster can be produced as an element, which may be incorporated into existing developments.

inexLED poster outdoor

InexLED posters are suitable in places where the frequent replacement of information and advertising content is demanded and the replacement of traditional posters is problematic, time-consuming or simply unprofitable.

InexLED Totem and Posters solutions have the advantage over other solutions, because those products are plug and play devices. Simply place or hang the device in the right location and turn it on – a totem or a poster starts to work immediately.

A full autonomy of work and remote management of the content makes that operation fields are basically unlimited.


The software allows to remotely control a device, create and manage contents and make a schedule of its work. The software is fully intuitive and clear, a visual work mode makes that on the screen of your computer you can see exactly how your content is going to look. The possibility of serving a majority of image and video file formats guarantees that creating a content is child’s play. At the end, you need just one click and your totem or poster starts to display a content whenever you want it to.


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