inexLED T

inexLED T transparent screens are available in a wide range of sizes and resolutions, moreover a full scalability of the modules allows to produce screens in any sizes and forms. 

inexLED T - transparent screens

Innovations in new technologies of visual communication also couldn’t do without a well-known technology of LED screens. The latest version are transparent LED screens which allow to make special and unique creations.

The technology of transparent inexLED-T panels can be used bascially everywhere, but its major advantage is a very high transparency of panels – up to 90%. That kind of modules can be installed almost everywhere, from store windows to glazing facades and dedicated indoor solutions.

InexLED T transparent screens are available in a wide range of sizes and resolutions, moreover a full scalability allows to produce screens in any sizes and forms. High transparency of the screens based on inexLED-T panels makes that store and restaurant windows get a new operation field.

The installation of our transparent panels doesn’t limit the access of sunlight from outside to inside and allows to display a high-quality content. What is more, the scenography of store windows may be perfectly complemented by the displayed image and that combination creates a catchy view which draw people’s attention in a completely new and unique way.

InexLED T displays let create new estethic experiences which surprise customers with the forms and due to that, have a bigger impact on potential clients.



Quality and environment

High-quality of inexLED-T panels is also a long and faultless work up to 100.000 hours, moreover high energy efficiency makes that our transparent screens use 50% less energy than other similar products. The average energy consumption doesn’t exceed 300 W/m² (some models use only 240 W/m² on average) what makes that inexLED-T panels are one of the most economic solutions currently availabe on the market.


A wide range of sizes and resolutions gives us a possibility to install our products in every place, moreover the quality and size of displayed picture is optimally chosen for the location and groups of customers.

The modular construction is a timesaver during the installation process and it reduces inconveniences for the owner. InexLED-T modules can be installed both in suspended and free-standing version what increases their operation field.

Modular construction

The average sizes of the modules – 100x50 cm or 96x48 cm let us create transparent screens of different size and proportions. 7 available resolutions of the panels makes that every installation will be individually adjusted to the location and the client’s needs.


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