inexLED Screen

inexLED Screen products are based on modern LED modules which are a constant element of a casing that can be integrated into existing installatiions or be produced as a completely new element e.g. free-standing scren.

inexLED Screen

In every place, where shape does matter – e.g. outside installations or facilities, in which a big screen is simply necessary, the best solution are large-format LED screens.

LED screens are produced as indoor or outdoor screens, but regardless of the allocation, all inexLED screens are made of high-quality LED SMD components.

Large outdoor screens

Outdoor screens are intended to be hung or stand-alone. Depending on installation’s conditions, we make special supporting structures or use the exixsting installations.

LED modules used in that installations are chosen depending on the place of the installation and the distance between watching people and the screen. Outdoor screens shine strongly bright, that high brightness of shining is unavailable for any other technologies. The average brightness of our screens is from 5000 to 7500 cd/m², what provides an excellent visibility even on very sunny days.

Outdoor inexLED screens may have any sizes and proportions. We treat every installation individually and thanks to that, format, size and display resolution are chosen optimally. Factor P (Pixel Pitch) defines vertical and horizontal resolution of LED module. The lower factor P, the higher the resolution gets. For outdoor screens we offer display resolutions from P4 to P10, however mostly used are P6 and P10.

Outdoor screens are fully resistant to different weather conditions, e.g. low and high temperatures, rain or snow and due to using the newest LED SMD technology and Eco inexLed systems, our screens are also energy-efficient.

Indoor screens

The next type of inexLED screens are large-sized indoor displays. As with outdoor screens, indoor screens may have different sizes and proportions based on personal preferences. 

For indoor screens we offer display resolutions from P2 to P6. Because of the fact that indoor screens are mostly watched from smaller distances, we have to use modules with higher resolutions. In this case, the brightness does not need to be as high as in outdoor screens, that is why the average brightness oscillates between 1000-1500 cd/m² and in some cases may rise to 2500 cd/m².


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