inexLED technologies - LED screens and large outdoor screens


inexLED screens and large outdoor screens


Outdoor screens


All of the inexLED products are based on LED SMD modules, which, contrary to imaging technologies based on DIP RGB or DIP 1R 1G 1B diodes, are much more durable and deliver higher quality images.

Degree of protection – IP65 (from the front), silicone gasket in the rear frame guarantee tightness of the modules mounted in the screen construction.

Outdoor modules undergo the tropicalisation process, what additionally protects the electronic systems from the possible results of the condensation of water vapour inside the screen enclosure.

Depending on the project, in our productions we use modules installed in customised frames and cassettes or we make use of the cabinets in order to easy and fast installation of the big screens, directly at the place of destination.

High brightness of the outdoor modules typically from 5500 to 6500 cd/m² makes that inexLED screens are perfectly visible in all conditions.

Indoor screens


Indoor modules are also made of high-quality components. Smaller size of used diodes enable us to deliver screens with a high resolution P2, what means that even 500 diodes are installed per 1 running metre.

Just like in outdoor types, the screens are made of modules with specific paremeters and demanded brightness.

 Characteristics and advantages of inexLED screens

High brightness and visibilty

InexLED screens are based on SMD modules, thanks to which we obtain a perfect visibility and readability of the image from any angle. Wieving angles of our LED modules are 160° horizontally and 140° vertically. High brightness (6000 cd/m²) makes that the image is perfectly visible even when it is directly exposed to sunlight.

Ecology and energy efficiency

Energy consumption of inexLED screens is lower than for LED screens based on DIP diodes.

Screens with the brightness 6000 cd/m² use 450 W/m² on average, which accounts for 50% less of the energy demand for old generation modules. Thanks to that, outdoor screens do not need air-conditioning sytstems.

Perfect parameters

Based on LED diodes from the best suppliers, e.g. Nationstar, inexLED modules show the highest quality and service life up to 100.000 hours. The amount of defective pixels (diodes) is under 0,01% per m².

Modular construction

Modular construction allows to create any size of screens with the use of optimal resolution.

Easy installation and maintenance

Easy and fast modules installation, simplified access to the replaceable elements in case of the necessity of repairs or maintenance.

Low weight

1 m² of the screen weights around 7 kg, what allows to install it basically in any place and on any surface.

Technical parametres of inexLED screens