Create your own screen

For us nothing is impossible, we can make a screen specially for you in any shape or size.

High-quality image

The perfect resolution and the high brightness make our screens high-quality products.

Environmentally friendly solutions

All of the inexLED screens are higly energetically efficient which results in reduction of the energy consumption by 50%.

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Examples of applications


For a few years now, screens based on LED modules have become an atlernative to large-format LCD displays.

High resolutions available in those products makes that in many cases LED screens are not just an alternative to LCD displays, but they are simply a natural choice. Everywhere, where big size does matter the only reasonable choice is a inexLED screen. Our screens are bulit based on the newest inexLED modules with resolutions up to P2 or smaller.


Advantages of inexLED screens

Modular construction inexLED T

Typical sizes of modules inexLED T – 100x50 cm or 96x48 cm allow to easily create transparent screens in any sizes and proportions.


High brightness of the display - 1200-2000 cd/m² for indoor screens and 5500-6000 cd/m² for outdoor – ensures that the content is always well readable and any information will slip away from customers.

Quality and environment

High quality of the inexLED-T panels is also a long, faultless work, which is 100.000 hours and big energy efficiency makes that our LED screens use 50% less energy than other, similar products.


A wide range of sizes and resolutions gives us a possibility to install our products in every place, moreover the quality and size of a displayed picture is optimally chosen for the location and groups of customers.

Variety of forms

Many types of inexLED screen casings, stand-alone or hung panels, possibility of matching the product to clients’ personal expectations.

Client-dedicated solutions

InexLED Signs products are also produced as products fully customised to certain projects or our customers’ needs.

High display resolution

High resolutions of the inexLED modules makes that picture is always sharp and readable regardless of the exploitation field.

Energy efficiency

InexLED screens significantly reduce the energy consumption and eliminate the need of using air conditioners for outdoor solutions.


Wide range of resolutions and inexLED modules’ sizes makes that our solutions are fully scalable.


Traditional LED screens used as markings or billboards DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) Signage were positioned high on buldings, as far as possible from potential receivers. Producers could allow themselves to offer clunky displays in which a distance between pixels was even 50mm and a visual quality of the content left much to be desired.

In recent years we have discovered a real revolution in LED displays industry. There is a race going on in which producers are competing with one another to improve the key parameter of LED screens – pixel pitch – a distance between diodies on a matrix. The dynamic development of technique of obtaining bigger density of pixels made that modern displays offered by inexLED have almost nothing in common with the archaic screens which we have been seeing so far on bus stops or in different offices. InexLed screens offer deep colours, a high brightness and an amazing image resolution and thanks to that it is a great advertising or information solution for both outdoor and indoor use.


Unlike LCD screens, thanks to high contrasts, LED displays are a perfect solution which can be used in marking the outside of the buildings. A high level of the brightness enables to get a clear image even when exposed to strong and direct sunlight.

Tim Brooksbank Ledscreenguru

The modular nature of the LED display means it can be built seamlessly into huge single screens. Our innovative communication protocol enables easy front service and front install architecture which means that integrators can service them easily and quickly.

Eric Li SiliconCore